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Duralite Power wants to contribute to the sustainability of the environment by embracing the future of clean energy with hydrogen.

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About Duralite Power


Hydrogen is a high potential, clean energy source. However, the rate of adoption is low due to lack of infrastructure support, and green hydrogen supply and cost. Consumers are unable to understand the benefits of fuel cells unless demonstrated to them. E.g. Weight-sensitive applications like drones, cargo bikes suffer lack of range, slow charging, performance degradation. Yet adding more conventional batteries to power them increases their weight, reducing efficiency.


Our hydrogen fuel cell can provide light mobility application e.g. cargo bikes increased range by 3 times. It can also be refilled in mere minutes and result in lesser performance degradation as compared to batteries in different weather conditions. This allows the bikes to be able to run anytime during the year with lesser disruption to the operation.


Ultra-light and compact fuel cell suitable for light mobility and drone application. Given the same volume, our fuel cell is 25% more powerful and lighter.

Biggest Achievements

Our fuel cell was tested in one of the world’s leading student engineering competition organized by Shell. Our technology emerged victorious two years in a row.

On top of that, Duralite has recently secured an LOI with a German company to pilot our fuel cells for their cargo bike application.

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